A little bit of company history

How It Happened

Dhirajlal Gopani

Founder of the Company

Father of Mr. Vijay Gopani, he had established the first proprietary company in 1953 – M/s Janata Manufacturers.

The company was engaged in manufacturing of Fittings and Findings for Costume Jewellery.

Vijay Gopani

Managing Director at Harsh Precious Metals Pvt. Ltd.

Vijay Gopani – a name to be reckoned with, in the gems and jewellery industry.

In his long career spreading for over four decades have witnessed many ups and downs but his steadiness has always been on quality and uncompromising honesty.

In Janata Manufacturers he got practical experience of operating all kinds of moulds, Dies, tools, Machineries & Technology for the production of Fittings & Findings.

He, there by laid foundation of steady and firm growth to the activities of the group.

With his self-confidence and intention of accepting any challenge, he established a new company namely M/s Janata Sales Corporation in 1984.

He entered into the International market and visited various countries and became exclusive Distributors of around 14 prestigious companies in the Gem and Jewellery Sector to distribute Technology and Machinery products.


Prime organisation engaged in trading of any & every item related to gem & jewellery industry. Manufacturers,authorised agents, importers, Exporters,Authorised dealers and stockists of

  • Gold - cast investment power
  • Austik label systems, Australia
  • Wax
  • Castaldo Rubber, U.S.A
  • Induction Furnace
  • Clean cast, Italy
  • Cast con Jewellery Rubber
  • Deburring-Polishing Material


Between 1991-1994 Exclusive Agencies of M/s National Jewellers, Austik Labels and M/s Hoben Davis were added to working field of Gopani Group. Israel Manufacturers gave him Agencies for their products for Indian territory which gave a birth to M/s Aerodiam Software (Bombay) Pvt. Ltd. – an another sister concern - to deal with complete solutions and software for Gem Industry.

We brought this technology in india for Diamond Industry.Though there were many hurdels, we arranged seminars & conferences to make people aware of the softwere & its advantages. The concept worked & almost every company started to use this software.

  • Inventory control & manufacturing Diamond Jewellery.
  • Diamond Bruiting Machine
  • Engraving techniques on diamond table
  • Diamond Analyser
  • Diamond centering Machine
  • Gran Diamond Calorimeter
  • 3 Beams Technologies
  • Diamond Planing Machine (sarin)


M/s Harsh Precious Metals Pvt. Ltd was established in technical collaboration with a highly reputed Industry in Germany- M/s. C. Hafner Gmbh who are pioneers in gold alloy technology for the last 150 years for manufacturing standard alloys.

The basic concept of M/s. Harsh Precious Metals Pvt. Ltd., an ISO 9001:2008 Company is to fulfill the requirements of Jewellery Industry – a unique quality product.

  • Fittings and Findings of Gold Silver & Precious Metals.
  • Master Alloys for Gold Jewellery, For casting White Gold, For white Gold-Paladium & Nickle Free.
  • Master Alloys for White Gold Alloys.
  • White Gold Solders
  • Solders


To cater increasing demand along with better durability, finish, shine, corrosion resistance property, Harsh Precious metals started a unit in Mumbai to manufacturing master alloys of international standard.

To achieve quality requirement, HPM entered into a tie up for technical know-how with word renowned M/s C.HAFNER, GMBH Germany.

In addition to this, to assist jewellery manufacturing, HPM started to manufacturing fitting & finding in gold, silver and other precious metals of international standard.

HPM is been assessed by Orion register and found to be in compliance with quality standard ISO 9001-2000.

HPM is constantly working towords collaboration & bringing in new technology to India.

Harsh Gopani


"My father, having reached from ground zero to this level, is indeed commendable and of course there was a huge responsibility of sustaining the growth and taking it forward.

After completing B.E (Mech) & MBA, started visiting factory to get hands on experience.

Visited Italy to get technical knowledge about Hollow tube manufacturing.

Since marketing was an important aspect in finding, HPM started participating in various jewellery shows outside india.

SEZ (Special Economic Zone)

Established an office inside SEZ(Mumbai) to facilitate movement of goods within special economic zone all over india.

Started import / Export of various products through SEZ there by expanding the range of fittings & findings.